Why staff and candidate wellbeing is crucial to RGR

Refined Global

The past year has tested us all in different ways and the impact it has had on mental health cannot and should not be underestimated. What is positive is that mental health and wellbeing within a business setting is being addressed on a larger scale.

With recent research revealing that days off due to mental health increased by 10% in 2020 and one in three workers saying that their mental health affects their performance at work at least once a week, it is clear that more needs to be done to ensure the wellbeing of workers. 

Wellbeing is something that we take very seriously at Refined Global Recruitment, both from an employee and a candidate perspective, and we have developed programmes to help.

From our training and development courses and social events for RGR employees to our specialist career transition service for candidates that supports and facilitates a return to work after unexpected job loss, wellbeing and personal development are cornerstones of our business.

Not only is this the right thing to do, it makes business sense. The team here at RGR are passionate about what they do and our candidates will re-enter the world of work with fresh energy and purpose. 

What do we do to help our employees and candidates feel valued and progress personally and professionally? Our programmes for each are designed to nurture talent and allow each individual to shine. The keyword here is ‘nurture’. Our eye is always on well-being as we help both our team and our candidates to grow and develop.    

Candidate career transition service

Becoming unexpectedly unemployed can be incredibly stressful. It is often a confusing time, not knowing whether to pursue a similar path elsewhere or pivot into another industry or role, constantly worrying about where to go next. It can knock confidence levels and leave you pondering the future.

The events of the past year have left thousands in this position and, come September and the end of furlough, could affect thousands more. Moving on from an unexpected job loss requires a different approach to the usual job search but too often this isn’t acknowledged.

At RGR we wanted to rectify that, which is why we provide a specialist transition service to assist jobseekers navigate the challenges of securing a new position in times where they have lost their employment unexpectedly or at short notice. 

We have developed a recognised personalised and specialised career transition services programme that is conducted by our trained consultants.

It has been designed to support employees after job loss, whether that is due to the end of a contract, redundancy, restructuring, or termination. We provide the necessary resources, coaching, connections and full support to facilitate a successful return to employment for any candidate that needs it. Not only will this help a candidate’s wellbeing, it should help kickstart a bright new career. 

Employee training, development & rewards  

At RGR we provide excellent training and development courses for all employees to further expand their skills and knowledge.

We want to give our team the tools to grow, evolve and achieve their goals but at their own pace. Recruitment is a fast-paced industry and we are acutely aware of the importance of allowing our employees to set their own goals. Equally, we never want our employees to feel like they are not valued or become dispirited because we are not investing in their personal development. This is why we focus on impactful professional development that they can feel fully engaged in.  

Our team works hard and it is important that is recognised. We value hard work and resilience and ensure that staff are rewarded as a result. We wouldn’t want any of our staff to feel like the fantastic work they do isn’t appreciated. We have outings, meet-ups and many social events throughout the year. We have a close bond and we work together to ensure we deliver and believe in our key values.

The fact that mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is being talked about so much more is one of the positives to come from the pandemic. In its simplest form, it is about caring about those who you work with and those you employ or manage. Checking in with colleagues, regular contact with candidates, investing in their development and helping them to succeed – whatever succeeding means to them. 

Wellbeing is something we place tremendous value on here at Refined Global Recruitment and is an area that we urge our clients to consider too.

The best talent will be looking for wellbeing and mental health initiatives as part of the package. Employer branding needs to adapt to reflect what people now want from a company.

We all benefit from a healthy workplace and happy staff. And that is why ensuring the wellbeing of our employees and our candidates is ingrained into our practices.