Talent Pipelining

At RGR we like to be ‘on the ball ’and ready for all future events in a changing talent acquisition world- So we are constantly building long-term professional relationships with passive talent to create a large pool of high-quality candidates ready to fill any position when the requirement arises and managed with discretion and GDPR compliance. Talent pipelining helps shift from reactive to proactive recruiting, which in turn provides your business with a competitive advantage by engaging with the right talent now, to become your future leaders.

RGR forms partnerships with organisation leadership teams to understand and develop a comprehensive strategic talent pipeline brief to agree on parameters. We implement our system of strenuous research and search methodologies to pinpoint & identify potential candidates. We then provide a full report on the their career wants and needs and long term goals to see if their a fit into your organisation. We strive to establish a close partnership with your business, so you always have high calibre candidates in the pipeline to fill instant roles.


  • A must for Future Business Success.
  • Eradicate any over cost recruiting revenue due to vacant roles.
  • ‘On-Demand’ pipeline of top talent to keep you ahead of unexpected vacancies and reduce the potential time to hire.

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