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RGR professional recruiting consultancy offers affordable Talent Acquisition Solutions to many Industry Sectors on a global scale.

The following services we offer to our many growing numbers of International clients:

Specialist Industry Sectors

Permanent Talent Solutions

Fixed Term Contract Talent Solutions

Interim Contract Talent Solutions

Executive Search

Career Transition Program

Talent Pipelining

We listen to what you have to say:

We make it certain that we listen to your requests and views and your immediate priority recruiting needs. We want to know your concerns and issues and what you expect from a specialised recruiting consultancy. We want to address any problems your facing in quick turnaround talent acquisitions. At RGR we want to meet you, get to know you and bring a personal touch to assist in your recruiting & search selection needs.

We add value to your organisation:

We make it certain and guarantee that we will add value to your organisation and develop a sustainable long-term partnership that benefits both of us. Value & a swift candidate placement turnaround we will guarantee.

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