Our commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainable recruitment

Refined Global

April 22nd marked the 51st Earth Day since its inauguration in 1970 as a way to engage public consciousness about the state of our planet. Here at Refined Global Recruitment we are incredibly conscious of our role in helping to protect the environment as well as people’s livelihoods.

As such we are committed to ensuring that corporate social responsibility is practiced within our business and amongst our team as well as striving to maintain and improve sustainable recruitment. But what does that mean?  

The European Commission defines Corporate Social Responsibility as:

“The responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society. To fully meet their social responsibility, enterprises should have in place a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical human rights and consumer concerns into their business operations and core strategy in close collaboration with their stakeholders”.

We believe it is imperative for businesses to take ownership of both their environmental and their social responsibilities and this has led to us partnering with and supporting some brilliant charities as well as performing daily acts of kindness to our planet. 

Growing trees and careers

In order to meet our responsibility to help protect our planet, we work hard to decrease our impact on the earth by practicing daily tasks with environmental consciousness in mind.

Simple things such as looking at our energy consumption, reducing paper wastage and the amount of water we use are important steps. But that by itself isn’t enough. We wanted to do more, which is why we are members of Trees for Cities.

This fantastic initiative is the only UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities. Not only do they create healthier living spaces, they engage and empower communities to work together to cultivate lasting change in their neighbourhoods. 

We feel very strongly that in order to help build businesses and grow local communities through job creation, curating close working relationships with our clients and candidates is essential.

That sometimes means international travel, which is why partnering with charities such as Trees for Cities is so important to us. We want to offset our carbon emissions as much as possible and help to foster healthy, happy communities.

For every candidate we place, we sponsor a new tree to be planted through the charity. We also send an indoor pot plant together with plant food and natural compost to our clients whenever we successfully recruit a new candidate for them. Our clients take great satisfaction and pleasure in looking after this plant and watching it grow alongside their new employee.

Equally, we are hugely proud to play a part in both environmental and societal growth.

Fighting poverty through business

We are all passionate about helping individuals to find gainful employment and further their careers. Many of our clients bring employment to huge numbers of workers through their projects across the globe, bringing prosperity to local economies.

This highlights the importance of the economic value of global related industry investment and the vital role it plays in maintaining local livelihoods and empowering local sustainable development. It is an incredibly important part of what we do as a company, which is why we also support Business Fights Poverty, a professional network for those passionate about fighting poverty throughout business and who believe strongly in building an equitable and resilient future for all. 

Business Fights Poverty is a global community of businesses and expert advisors who strive to push the boundaries of how business can fight poverty. The social impact businesses can have is huge but it can be a negative one if not managed correctly. We work hard to ensure that we impact local communities in a positive way, which is why we feel it is important for us to travel to those communities and meet clients and candidates in person, to get a feel for the people and the culture. It is also why Business Fights Poverty is a perfect fit for us.

From environmental initiatives to community-based action, both locally and internationally, we are committed to meeting our responsibilities head-on.

As a global recruitment consultancy, we are fully aware of the unique position we are in to be leaders in sustainable procurement. We are a major influencer of the supply chain management full life cycle, giving us an opportunity and a responsibility to help ensure sustainable recruitment. That means an ethical supply chain from the top to the bottom, providing the best service to both our clients and our candidates.