Sustainable Recruitment

RGR Ltd understands that changes must be made to protect our environment.

RGR Ltd understands that changes must be made to protect our environment. Therefore, we work to decrease our impact on the earth and adopt to new changes for Sustainable Recruitment. We strive to practice daily tasks with environmental consciousness always in mind. RGR Ltd are committed to maintaining and improving Sustainable Recruitment and we believe in a close working relationship with local and International clients & candidates.

Traveling to some of our International clients and interacting with local cultures offers some of life’s most memorable experiences and it can also bring tremendous prosperity to the local economies. This highlights the importance of the economic value of global related industries investment and how it has an important role in maintaining local livelihoods and empowering local sustainable development.

Our commitment to the environment is especially important to us and we take it seriously. For every candidate placed for a new client we send a RGR Ltd logo pot & indoor green plant together with plant food & natural compost. Our clients take great satisfaction and enjoyment in looking after this indoor plant and watching it grow alongside their new candidates. We also sponsor a new tree planted through one of our numerous sponsored charities ‘Trees for Cities’ for every candidate we place.

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