Permanent Talent Solutions

When making a new permanent hire it is very time consuming and a significant investment commercially and can be detrimental if not executed carefully. It is a task that companies must get right first time around for business success. A wrong hire has a very negative impact from loss of time to a commercial cost. RGR is your talent acquisition consultant you can trust to ensure this happens correctly. Our experienced Management & specialist consultants strategically focus on ensuring that all candidates are placed in the right company fit and culture which in turn ensures success for all employers. Through our own process each candidate is thoroughly screened to ensure competency & suitability.

Our constantly updated, extensive in house database and our extensive network allow us to handle any challenge posed by our clients and we carry this out through the following:

  • Large in House Database Search
  • External Search & Advertised Selection
  • Referrals, Recommendations & Word of Mouth

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