Introducing Refined Global’s specialist sectors

Refined Global

At Refined Global we offer talent acquisition services for a number of sectors. Our teams of experienced consultants, many of whom have direct industry experience or have been trained by a senior consultant with industry experience, work hard to develop and nurture relationships with both our clients and candidates in all sectors.

Our aim is to redefine recruitment and help grow our clients’ businesses and our candidates’ careers. Here’s what we do…  

Civil Engineering & Construction 

The senior management team at RGR has over 20 years direct industry experience in the global Civil Engineering & Construction sector. We understand the concerns many engineering and construction CEOs have about uncertain or volatile economic growth during and post-pandemic and will work with you to provide the talent that you need now and in the future, offering tailor-made services to fill any global appointments. From Site Agents and Managers to Contracts, Commercial and Project Managers, to Quantity Surveyors, we can supply talent across the industry.    

Property, Architecture & Design 

We work with a wide range of property developers and conveyancing firms, consultants and architects from across the globe and cover placements across all divisions of a company’s organisational structure. Examples of the type of positions we fill range from autoCAD Technicians, to Architects, to Director of Property Development & Acquisitions, and a huge number in between.   

Renewable Energy

We are proud to be a recruitment partner at such an exciting time for the renewables industry and have developed an excellent reputation in the sector after providing services for top players in the wind energy market. We are in partnership with some of the top 10 global renewables companies and, alongside links with global players who provide internships for the right candidates, we offer an internship programme encouraging graduates to pursue a career in renewables.

Rail & Power

We have excellent partnerships with key international players in the Rail & Power sector and we have a fast turnaround for placements of exceptional candidates. We cover placements from entry to director level across all divisions of rail companies’ organisational structures, from Signal Technicians, to IT Rail Hardware & Software Specialists, to Project Managers and Directors.

MEP & Utilities

With over two decades of industry-related experience in the global MEP & Utilities sector, RGR senior management has a distinct advantage when it comes to understanding what a client needs and what a candidate looks for in a role. We have partnerships with many of the top 10 MEP contractors in the UK & IRL, Mainland Europe and the Middle East, as well as access to a targeted talent pool.  

Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

RGR can guarantee exceptional candidates in a huge number of areas within the Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals sector and we seek to expand and partner with many more global companies in the industry. We recruit in a number of sub-sectors within the industry, for roles ranging from Drillers to Directors and many more in between.

Metals, Minerals & Mining

 From Directors to Health & Safety Managers, Geologists to Geotechnical personnel, we recruit for a wide range of roles in the Metals, Minerals & Mining sector. We offer a tailor-made service to our global clients and a career transition programme and in-depth advice to candidates looking for their next role. 

Heavy Lifting, Cranage & Transport

We have an excellent reputation for providing exceptional candidates in the Heavy Lifting, Cranage & Transport sectors. From Riggers, Banksmen and Lift Engineers, to Commercial Managers and Quantity Surveyors, to Directors, we recruit from entry level all the way up to director level and have a history of delivering exceptional candidates across the board. 

Logistics & Marine Shipping

Whilst the pandemic sent shockwaves through the global Logistics and Marine Shipping industry and trade plummeted in 2020, the outlook is one of growth as the world economic output recovers. With growth comes jobs and we are here to help. We recruit for a wide range of roles in the international Logistics & Marine Shipping sector, from Dry Dock and Tug Boat Personnel, to Logistics Managers and Directors.  

IT & Digital

We have an in-house dedicated recruiting team for all clients looking to hire IT & Digital staff, offering affordable talent solutions to add value to their IT departments. We set up a specialist service within this fast-growing market following demand from our existing clients to help their IT & Digital departments grow in line with their overall company expansion and development. As we already know their organisational structure, their ethos, their culture and their goals, as well as the industry as a whole, it made perfect business sense. We are continually building close relationships with leading talent in this niche sector that is the core of many expanding companies.  

As well as IT & Digital talent acquisition for departments within the sectors we recruit for more widely, we also have dedicated desks focusing on IT & Digital talent solutions for our clients in the following sectors… 

Pharmaceutical & Scientific

As digitalisation continues to disrupt businesses across the Pharmaceutical & Scientific sector, the need to grow IT & Digital departments within businesses has increased significantly. The global necessity for companies in this sector to implement ever-changing digital technology to accelerate development has meant a surge in IT & Digital talent needs. From IT e-Compliance Leads, to Technical Writers in Pharma, to IT OPS Digitalisation Consultants and many more roles in between, we can assist your business in acquiring top talent to facilitate the digital change and keep you on top of rapid advancement. 

FMCG & Manufacturing

FMCG & Manufacturing is experiencing rapid change when it comes to digitalisation. Most FMCGs have begun to embrace digital change but have much further to go, especially in on-boarding truly data-driven marketing and sales practices. Whether you’re in need of an eCommerce Content Manager, a SAP CRM CBP Consultant, or a Supply Chain & Analytics Manager, we can find you exceptional talent.

Banking & Finance

Smart, fast and accurate digitalisation is a strategic imperative for businesses across the Banking & Finance sector. Strong IT & Digital departments are a necessity for financial institutions that want to stay profitable, be competitive and become leaders in an age of digital development. We recruit Java, Dotnet, Full Stack Engineers Backend Developer, Data & Analytics, Big Data Consultants, Cloud Computing Services, eg Iaas, Paas, and Saas, Frontend Web Developers, and Data Scientists. 


Telecoms companies are fully embracing digital revolution and the increased workforce demand in IT & Digital roles. We have a talent pipeline consisting of qualified Java Architects, Telecom Testers, Telecom Network Cloud Infrastructure Architects, Network SMEs, Telecom/RF Engineers, Project Managers, and Network Operations Senior Analysts. 

If you would like to talk to one of our expert consultants about your recruitment needs or if you are searching for your next role, please don’t hesitate to contact us.